l am an surface pattern designer and an artist. I love colour. Sometimes I am full on and create paintings. Sometimes I create surface pattern designs. Sometimes I incorporate my paintings into surface pattern designs. Sometimes I design, illustrate and create new digital surface pattern designs. Grateful. Feel the love.

While I was growing up my mother was a seamstress and my father trained as a master tailor. Throughout my whole life I was enchanted and drawn towards patterns. For many years I incorporated patterns into my art. Now my art is pattern. My patterns are my art.

photo credit mum

photo credit TKP

Maria Pezzano Surface Pattern Design studio creates textile and surface pattern designs for a broad range of products including fabric ranges, home products, fashion products and stationery. In all Maria Pezzano has hundreds of designs just a few are featured here.

 I am a Surface Pattern Designer and an Artist. Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find designs both digital and those inspired from my original paintings.  These designs are available for licensing, purchase, to be used in in the home decor, stationery, fashion and wall covering industries. Please contact me for licensing and collaboration opportunities here. To see more contact us here.

Maria Pezzano Surface Pattern Design provides the options to purchase or license a ready-made design from our growing library of pattern designs or we can create a custom design or design range for you. We welcome the opportunity to collaboratively work with you to create full design ranges.

If you are interested in licensing or purchasing any design then we’d love to hear from you!

We welcome collaborations, commissions and custom projects so if you’d like to work with us then please contact Maria Pezzano Surface Pattern Design here.

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